Updated May 11th, 2022 by kavya.parag

Cannot import TabularPrediction from AutoGluon

Problem You are trying to import TabularPrediction from AutoGluon, but are getting an error message. ImportError: cannot import name 'TabularPrediction' from 'autogluon' (unknown location) This happens when AutoGluon is installed via a notebook or as a cluster-installed library (AWS | Azure | GCP). You can reproduce the error by running the import c...

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Updated February 29th, 2024 by kavya.parag

Get workspace configuration details

This article explains how to display the complete configuration details for your Databricks workspace. This can be useful if you want to review the configuration settings and services that are enabled in your workspace. For example, you can use the workspace configuration details to quickly see if Unity Catalog or Identity Federation is enabled on y...

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Updated May 16th, 2022 by kavya.parag

TensorFlow fails to import

Problem You have TensorFlow installed on your cluster. When you try to import TensorFlow, it fails with an Invalid Syntax or import error. Cause The version of protobuf installed on your cluster is not compatible with your version of TensorFlow. Solution Use a cluster-scoped init script to install TensorFlow with matching versions of NumPy and proto...

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Updated December 7th, 2022 by kavya.parag

SAS requires current ABFS client

Problem While using SAS token authentication, you encounter an IllegalArgumentException error. IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant shaded.databricks.v20180920_b33d810.org.apache.hadoop.fs.azurebfs.services.AuthType.SAS Cause SAS requires the current ABFS client. Previous ABFS clients do not support SAS. Solution You must use the current ABFS ...

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Updated March 4th, 2022 by kavya.parag

Failed to create cluster with invalid tag value

Problem You are trying to create a cluster, but it is failing with an invalid tag value error message. System.Exception: Content={"error_code":"INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE","message":"\nInvalid tag value (<<<<TAG-VALUE>>>>) - the length cannot exceed 256\nUnicode characters in UTF-8.\n "} Cause Limitations on tag Key and Value ar...

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Updated May 20th, 2022 by kavya.parag

Verify R packages installed via init script

When you configure R packages to install via an init script, it is possible for a package install to fail if dependencies are not installed. You can use the R commands in a notebook to check that all of the packages correctly installed. Info This article does require you to provide a list of packages to check against. List installed packages Make a ...

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