Updated December 21st, 2022 by navya.athiraram

Setup cross account bucket access in Google Cloud

Introduction When you setup a Databricks workspace on your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account, you have access to the account's storage buckets by default. More complex use cases are likely to involve access to storage buckets that are owned by different GCP accounts. This article shows you how to use the Google Cloud SDK gsutil commands to setup c...

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Updated August 23rd, 2022 by navya.athiraram

Auto termination is disabled when starting a job cluster

Problem You are trying to start a job cluster, but the job creation fails with an error message. Error creating job Cluster autotermination is currently disabled. Cause Job clusters auto terminate once the job is completed. As a result, they do not support explicit autotermination policies. If you include autotermination_minutes in your cluster poli...

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