Updated May 11th, 2022 by xin.wang

Cannot import module in egg library

Problem You try to install an egg library to your cluster and it fails with a message that the a module in the library cannot be imported. Even a simple import fails. import sys egg_path='/dbfs/<path-to-egg-file>/<egg-file>.egg' sys.path.append(egg_path) import shap_master Cause This error message occurs due to the way the library is pac...

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Updated May 19th, 2022 by xin.wang

Python commands fail on high concurrency clusters

Problem You are attempting to run Python commands on a high concurrency cluster. All Python commands fail with a WARN error message. WARN PythonDriverWrapper: Failed to start repl ReplId-61bef-9fc33-1f8f6-2 ExitCodeException exitCode=1: chown: invalid user: ‘spark-9fcdf4d2-045d-4f3b-9293-0f’ Cause Both spark.databricks.pyspark.enableProcessIsolation...

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