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Understanding speculative execution

Speculative execution  Speculative execution can be used to automatically re-attempt a task that is not making progress compared to other tasks in the same stage. This means if one or more tasks are running slower in a stage, they will be re-launched. The task that completes first is marked as successful. The other attempt gets killed. Implementatio...

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Updated March 15th, 2023 by mounika.tarigopula

Cannot customize Apache Spark config in Databricks SQL warehouse

Problem You want to set Apache Spark configuration properties in Databricks SQL warehouses like you do on standard clusters. Cause Databricks SQL is a managed service. You cannot modify the Spark configuration properties on a SQL warehouse. This is by design. You can only configure a limited set of global Spark properties that apply to all SQL wareh...

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Updated March 16th, 2023 by mounika.tarigopula

Programmatically determine if a table is a Delta table or not

You may not always know the type of table you need to read. For example, if a given table is a Delta table you may need to read it differently than if it were a Parquet table. This article explains how you can use Python code in a Databricks notebook to programmatically determine if a table is a Delta table or not. Instructions Attach your notebook ...

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