Cannot apply updated cluster policy

When performing an update to an existing cluster policy, the update does not apply unless you remove and re-add the policy.

Written by jordan.hicks

Last published at: March 4th, 2022


You are attempting to update an existing cluster policy, however the update does not apply to the cluster associated with the policy. If you attempt to edit a cluster that is managed by a policy, the changes are not applied or saved.


This is a known issue that is being addressed.


You can use a workaround until a permanent fix is available.

  1. Edit the cluster policy.
  2. Re-attribute the policy to Free form.
  3. Add the edited policy back to the cluster.

If you want to edit a cluster that is associated with a policy:

  1. Terminate the cluster.
  2. Associate a different policy to the cluster.
  3. Edit the cluster.
  4. Re-associate the original policy to the cluster.
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