Remount a storage account after rotating access keys

Cannot access storage after rotating access keys until all mount points using the account have been remounted.

Written by dayanand.devarapalli

Last published at: December 9th, 2022


You have blob storage associated with a storage account mounted, but are unable to access it after access keys are rotated.


There are multiple mount points using the same storage account.

Remounting some, but not all, of the mount points with new access keys results in access issues.


  1. Use dbutils.fs.mounts() to check all mount points. Review the dbutils.fs.mounts() documentation for usage details.
  2. Use dbutils.fs.unmount() to unmount all storage accounts. Review the dbutils.fs.unmount() documentation for usage details.
  3. Restart the cluster.
  4. Remount the storage account with new keys. Review the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Blob Storage documentation for usage details.
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