Identify less used jobs

Identify rarely used and less used jobs in a workspace and delete them in order to stay under the job limit.

Written by Adam Pavlacka

Last published at: November 27th, 2023

The workspace has a limit on the number of jobs that can be shown in the UI. The current job limit is 1000.

If you exceed the job limit, you receive a QUOTA_EXCEEDED error message.

'error_code':'QUOTA_EXCEEDED','message':'The quota for the number of jobs has been reached. The current quota is 1000. This quota is only applied to jobs created through the UI or through the /jobs/create endpoint, which are displayed in the Jobs UI

To resolve this issue, you must delete jobs from the workspace UI.

You can manually select jobs for removal, or you can use the Jobs Quota notebook to identify jobs which are not used very often and delete them.

The Jobs Quota notebook identifies jobs for deletion based on:

  • Jobs which have never run.
  • Jobs that have not run in the past 14 days.
  • Scheduled jobs that have been paused for 14 days or more.

Jobs Quota notebook

Review the Jobs Quota notebook.

Import the Jobs Quota notebook

You can import the Jobs Quota notebook directly into your workspace and attach the notebook to a cluster (AWS | Azure).

Attach it to an all-purpose cluster.

Run the Jobs Quota notebook

Open the Jobs Quota notebook and click Run All to run the notebook.

Review results

After you run the Jobs Quota notebook, a data table is generated. This table displays information about all the running jobs in your workspace, such as the URL of a job, date_of_creation, created_by, last run (days from current time), and other job details.



If no other jobs are available in your workspace, the Jobs Quota notebook displays the message No Jobs To Display.

Delete jobs

You can delete the unneeded jobs manually. Pass the job_id of the job you want to delete to the function deleteByJobId() in the Jobs Quota notebook.

A confirmation message is shown when a job is successfully deleted. An error message is shown if you attempt to delete a job that does not exist.

Keep calling the deleteByJobId() function in the Jobs Quota notebook until all unneeded jobs are deleted.

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