display() does not show microseconds correctly

Use show() to display timestamp values with microsecond precision. display() is limited to millisecond precision.

Written by harikrishnan.kunhumveettil

Last published at: May 16th, 2022


You want to display a timestamp value with microsecond precision, but when you use display() it does not show the value past milliseconds.

For example, this Apache Spark SQL display() command:


display(spark.sql("select cast('2021-08-10T09:08:56.740436' as timestamp) as test"))

Returns a truncated value:



The DataFrame is converted to HTML internally before the output is rendered.

This limits the displayed results to millisecond precision.

It does not affect the stored value.


You should use show() instead of using display().

For example, this Apache Spark SQL show() command:


spark.sql("select cast('2021-08-10T09:08:56.740436' as timestamp) as test").show(truncate=False)

Returns the correct value:

2021-08-10 09:08:56.740436

As an alternative, you can create a second column and copy the value to the column as a string.

After conversion to a string, display() shows the full value.

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