H2O.ai Sparkling Water cluster not reachable


You are trying to initialize H2O.ai’s Sparkling Water on Databricks Runtime 7.0 and above when you get a H2OClusterNotReachableException error message.

import ai.h2o.sparkling._
val h2oContext = H2OContext.getOrCreate()
ai.h2o.sparkling.backend.exceptions.H2OClusterNotReachableException: H2O cluster X.X.X.X:54321 - sparkling-water-root_app-20210720231748-0000 is not reachable.


This error occurs when you are trying to use a version of the Sparkling Water package which is not compatible with the version of Apache Spark used on your Databricks cluster.


Make sure you are downloading the correct version of Sparkling Water from the Sparkling Water download page.

By default, the download page provides the latest version of Sparkling Water. If you are still having trouble, you may want to try rolling back to a prior version of Sparkling Water that is compatible with your Spark version.

If you are still having trouble configuring Sparkling Water, open a case with H20.ai support.