Bulk update workflow permissions for a group

Use this sample code to update a single group's permissions for all the jobs in a workspace.

Written by simran.arora

Last published at: February 22nd, 2024

This article explains how you can use the Databricks Jobs API to grant a single group permission to access all the jobs in your workspace.


You must be a workspace administrator to perform the steps detailed in this article. 



Use the following sample code to give a specific group of users permission for all the jobs in your workspace.


To get your workspace URL, review Workspace instance names, URLs, and IDs (AWS | Azure | GCP).

Review the Generate a personal access token (AWS | Azure | GCP) documentation for details on how to create a personal access token for use with the REST APIs.



  1. Start a cluster in your workspace and attach a notebook.
  2. Copy and paste the sample code into a notebook cell.
  3. Update the <workspace-domain-name> and <personal-access-token> values.
  4. Update the <permissions-to-assign> (AWS | Azure | GCP) value.
  5. Update the <group-name> value with the name of the user group you are granting permissions.
  6. Run the notebook cell.



shard_url = "<workspace-domain-name-without-backslash>"
access_token = "<personal-access-token>"
group_name = "<group-name>"
headers_auth = {
 'Authorization': f'Bearer {access_token}'
job_list_url = shard_url+"/api/2.1/jobs/list"
jobs_list = requests.request("GET", job_list_url, headers=headers_auth).json()
for job in jobs_list['jobs']:   
    job_id = job['job_id']
    job_change_url = shard_url+"/api/2.0/preview/permissions/jobs/"+str(job_id)
    payload_pause_schedule = json.dumps({
    "access_control_list": [
        "permission_level": "<permission-to-assign>"
    response = requests.request("PATCH", job_change_url, headers=headers_auth, data=payload_pause_schedule)
print("Permissions Updated")
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