Failure to start AWS clusters with c5.2xlarge instance type

Contact AWS support if you cannot start clusters with the c5.2xlarge instance type.

Written by Adam Pavlacka

Last published at: December 4th, 2023



Attempting to start a cluster with the c5.2xlarge instance type on AWS fails with an error message:

Run result unavailable: job failed with error message Unexpected failure while waiting for the cluster to be ready: Cluster is in unexpected state Terminated: AWS_UNSUPPORTED_FAILURE(SUCCESS) databricks_error_message: No zone supports both the driver instance type [c5.2xlarge] and the worker instance type [c5.2xlarge].


  1. Verify that the issue is specific to the c5.2xlarge cluster type, by attempting to create a cluster with another C5 instance type.
  2. Open a ticket with AWS support. Provide them with the error message and details of the issue.
  3. Once the issue is resolved on the AWS side, you should be able to start clusters using the c5.2xlarge instance type.
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