Error in SQL statement: AnalysisException: Table or view not found

Learn how to resolve the AnalysisException SQL error "Table or view not found".

Written by Adam Pavlacka

Last published at: May 23rd, 2022


When you try to query a table or view, you get this error:

AnalysisException:Table or view not found when trying to query a global temp view


You typically create global temp views so they can be accessed from different sessions and kept alive until the application ends. You can create a global temp view with the following statement:



Here, df is the DataFrame. Another way to create the view is with:


CREATE GLOBAL TEMP VIEW <global-view-name>

All global temporary views are tied to a system temporary database named global_temp. If you query the global table or view without explicitly mentioning the global_temp database, then the error occurs.


Always use the qualified table name with the global_temp database, so that you can query the global view data successfully.

For example:


select * from global_temp.<global-view-name>;

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