Failed credential validation checks error with Terraform

You get a 'Failed credential validation checks' error message when using Terraform to deploy a Databricks workspace in AWS.

Written by Cedric Law

Last published at: October 4th, 2022


You are using Terraform to deploy a workspace in AWS and you get a Failed credential validation checks error message.

│ Error: MALFORMED_REQUEST: Failed credential validation checks: please use a valid cross account IAM role with permissions setup correctly 
│   with databricks_mws_credentials.this,
│   on line 29, in resource "databricks_mws_credentials" "this":
│   29: resource "databricks_mws_credentials" "this" {


This issue can occur due to a race condition when the cross-account role configuration is applied by Terraform. If you re-run terraform apply after getting the Failed credential validation checks error, the operation is successful and does not result in an error message.


You should add an artificial delay as a dependency for the cross-account role configuration. This prevents the race condition from occurring when using Terraform.

  1. In this example cross-account role configuration file, time_sleep.wait has been added as a dependency.
    // Properly configure the cross-account role for the creation of new workspaces within your AWS account.
    // See
    resource "databricks_mws_credentials" "this" {
      provider         = databricks.mws
      account_id       = var.databricks_account_id
      role_arn         = aws_iam_role.cross_account_role.arn
      credentials_name = "${local.prefix}-creds"
      depends_on = [
  2. The duration of the delay is set to 10 seconds. You can adjust the delay length as needed.
    resource "time_sleep" "wait" {
      depends_on = [
      create_duration = "10s"
  3. Save the updated cross-account role configuration file.
  4. Run terraform init.
  5. Run terraform apply.

After the artificial delay has been added to the cross-account role configuration you can resume normal deployments with Terraform.

Review the Terraform time_sleep documentation for more information.

You can also review the Databricks Terraform documentation.

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