How do I request a certification voucher?

Gain information on how to acquire certification vouchers to start your certification process.

Written by naomi.chiu

Last published at: March 28th, 2023

Discounted certification vouchers are reserved for Databricks events, beta exams, and partner organizations or can be redeemed using pre-purchased credits. 


Step 1: Verify if your company has any pre-purchased credits to be used 


Step 1: Navigate to the Databricks Help Center

Step 2: Provide the requested information

Step 3: For the Training Issue, select “Certifications”

Step 4: For Subject, please type “Partner Certification Voucher Request - [Certification Name]”

Step 5: For Message, please type “I am with [Name of Partner]. I am requesting a partner certification voucher for [Certification Name] from the recent course I took, [Course Name] on [Course Date]”



Vouchers will only be sent to an email address that includes a partner email domain - do not use a personal email address.

If you're interested in any Databricks events and/or beta exams, please submit a request through the Databricks Help Center.

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